Sunday, December 28, 2008

A third Christmas Day

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas Day for the third day in a row by going to my Dad's house. The kids got a four-wheeler from Santa (I keep professing someone must have spiked his milk to deliver such a present) and so they were very excited to test it out on Poppy's property. Everytime we go to Dad's the highlight is a ride on HIS four-wheeler with the trailer on the back but this time they had their own and so Pop got a bit of a break.

Simon pointed out that you could fix the bike so it wouldn't go over a certain speed. He said Santa would never deliver such a present without making sure it was safe. No comment from me but I have decided that Santa should put himself on the naughty list next year.

We had a lovely barby with Dad in the summer house and spent the afternoon chatting and relaxing. The kids are always so worn out on the way home from Dad's as they spend the whole day running and playing. It makes me wish I had a bit of land to let the kids play and get back to doing what kids should be doing rather than cooped up in front of computers all day. (which I might add mine love doing).

Hallie as usual was in her element on the bike and spent most of the afternoon burning around on it. She has told me that when she grows up she wants to be a motorcross champion. I just say to her, 'honey as long as it is a sport with good sponsors, Mummy will be happy'. :)


The Kings said...

A four wheeler!!!! Whoah - your kids must've been good this year!! I bet they LOVE it. Whenever we go to Mum and Dad's I think how nice it must be to have a bit of space too.

Anonymous said...

I wish Santa would bring a four wheeler to our home.
The grandchildren would love it[so would grandma!!]
Next year Santa is going to have to think very hard,about his gifts.
Maybe one day we will see you burning around the streets of good old Westbury with Jonty on the back.
You had better get one of those flags to put on it ha ha. Love Lorraine xxx

Carli said...

Simone, Oliver looks like he is having the best time of his life - good photos to capture it all too.

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