Monday, December 8, 2008

Ripe for the picking

On Saturday afternoon we went to Old Mac's Farm and Fishery to pick strawberries. They are $8 a kg which works out a whole lot cheaper than the measley punnets they offer in the supermarket.

You get to pick your own so you can wander through and pick out the biggest and reddest. We gave each of the kids a basket to fill and they had a great time running up and down looking for the yummiest strawberries. The weather was a bit cool and windy but they didn't seem to mind.

Later that afternoon Mum gave us a HUGE treat. We got to leave the kids with her while we went to see AUSTRALIA

at the movies. We even left Jonty. It was so funny. Simon went early and got the movie tickets and mandatory lollies. While he was gone I fed Jonty and literally pulled him off right before Simon picked me up, just as the movie started (we didn't mind being a bit late because they always have like 15min of previews anyway). Mum kept our car so she could take our tribe (cos that's what 4 kids feels like now) to Launceston East ward's Christmas Party. (thanks for the link Lisa). We took her car to the movies and put our phones on vibe/silent incase Mum needed me. It was alot of mucking around but I SO needed to do something like that to get some sanity back. The movie was great and Jonty behaved himself (don't know about the other 3), according to chief "baby looker after-a", aka Collette. For proof see here.

One of the Mum's at school whose daughter Alice is in Hallie's class, gave me some beautiful roses from her farm.

Hallie and Oliver love picking flowers for me, but as you can see from this photo below, to them flowers and weeds are one and the same. I don't mind how many weeds they pick for me, I will love them as if they were roses.


The Kings said...

Oh wow - $8 a kg!! Bargain!! Aaron and I are having strawberries and cream tonight and once they are going I think we need to go and pick ourselves some strawberries there too! Fun.
I'm LOVING your new camera pics!!! They look great. Love the one of the flowers.

Wheeler Team said...

Can definately tell the difference in your photo quality..very nice

Watson said...

Great that you got to go to the movies. You should go more often. It seems like they were in good hands.

The Kings said...
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Collette said...

like how you said mum was kind enough to babysit!! what about me and jess hey??

Paige said...

I'm impressed that you left the baby. My babes and I stick together for @ least the first 3-4 months until I'm more sure of their eating schedule. The berries look so yummy and the weather lovely. We're freezing up here in the Northern Hemisphere!

Penny Bingham said...

Those strawberries look delicious!! YUM