Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cheer

After getting home from Mel's last night, I got to bed at 11.30pm and got up again at midnight when Simon got home from work. (I know why bother going to bed at all). We had to haul all the pressies out of the police garage and run in the rain back to the house to put them in their sacks. So I got to bed at 1am, fed Jonty at 3.41am, got back to bed at 4.33am and then woke at 5.45am to Sarra standing in front of the bed, all excited because Santa had come. The kids had a lovely morning opening their presents and playing with them.

The girls each got a bike, after battling with old rusty ones for so long. Our school is only a short walk away so they will have a lovely time riding to school. Oliver got a small pedal car. A couple of yrs ago when Myer was taken over by another company, we found it in Hbt really cheap and have been waiting for Oliver to grow into it.

Just before lunch we drove to the Wheelers and met up with Mum, Collette and Jessica. We had a lovely Aussie traditional lunch of roast vegies, turkey and ham and the traditional Christmas pudding. Jayme got Guitar Hero from Santa and it is actually quite hard to play. You really have to concentrate. Jayme put me on easy but then put me back a level to beginners.

We gave Lisa and Chris a foot spa (that's what they wanted - bucking the trend that it is the number one most unwanted Xmas gift) and it was a hit with the kids.

The kids all play so well together so it was nice to sit back and watch them playing with their gifts together.

These two were tuckered out by the end of the day. Now we are off to Kay and Dion's for a sleepover and Christmas lunch with the Triffitts.


The Kings said...

Ha ha - love how Simon is just laying in the middle of the rug! Looks like a great Christmas!

The Triffitts said...

Sounds like you had a a great Christmas but you must be so tired after your long night. I hope that Santa brought you a late gift of a great and long nights sleep (oh and one for Jonty and Simon :)

Anonymous said...

It's exhausting isn't it? and I don't have to get up anymore to feed a baby!! Looks like you had a good day. xxx Lorraine