Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goodbye Nursery

Luz, Alison and Rachel with Oliver, Mary, Chloe and Gabriel

Today was Oliver's last day in nursery as next year he will turn 4. He has loved nursery and has always been so excited to go each week. Each Sunday I have packed him a lunchbox and drink and he has worn his backpack on his back to church and as soon as the last prayer is given, on it goes and he heads off to nursery.

He first had Luz as his nursery teacher and he used to run to her and give her big hugs. Since last year he has had Allie and has loved her just as much.

I felt a little lump in my throat today as I realised my little boy is growing up. He only has one more year at home with me before he starts kinder. Now that I see how quick time passes (I never used to believe the Mums who told me that), I am really looking forward to cherishing the last year Oliver and I have at home together.


Biggest Sis said...

They do grow up so fast.....loving your new blog look!

Penny Bingham said...

It was Ella's last day in Nursery today too. She is so excited about going to Sunbeams next week!

Anonymous said...

Next he will be leaving for his mission. Hate to tell you, those years fly by so fast, you wonder where they went. Love Lorraine xxx

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