Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa and sprinklers

On Friday night Rohan came out to stay as Chris and Lisa had Chris' staff end of year dinner on. I told them if they went to bed quietly and on time that I would let them go under the sprinkler on Saturday (I so love bribery sometimes). So yesterday I deemed them sufficiently well-behaved and they set up the sprinkler under the trampoline.

I used to love doing that and not much has changed as I watched them play that game where you count while you are jumping and all try to sit down at the same time.

Jonty and I sat and watched them and I got to read the paper in the sun (FINALLY some nice weather!!).

Later that afternoon the kids and I went to our ward Christmas party. We played a game at the beginning where you had a list of questions and had to find someone in the room that could answer it like, 'find someone who has a birthday in December'. Nan gave the classic answer when the question was asked, 'find someone who has a Christmas decoration that is more than 30yrs old'. Nan said she had one, it was Harry!

The RS, men, Primary and youth then sang a song each about Christmas that was to the tune of other songs, like our national anthem. It was so hard to feel patriotic when you are singing about barbecues and presents.

Lionel and Suzanne were our fearless organisers for the night and did a wonderful job as usual.

I went outside the front of our chapel to take a photo of our nativity scene. Simon did the manger last year but it looked a bit lonely all by itself so this year he added shepherds and the wise men. It took him forever to stencil and cut out so this year he got some help from the young men or should I say young man as Xaviour was the only one at mutual that night!

I often tease Simon that if one of the kids does something naughty etc, I say 'oh it must be a Triffitt gene' but this ability to craft things so skilfully with their hands is definitely a 'Triffitt thing'. I see it in Lisa's photography, in Toni's sewing and in Carli's house when she posts about the beautiful items she has found and restored or clever innovative things she has made.

Back to the party, here are a few kids lined up eating icy poles. I thought Suzanne was very clever in doing this as it left the REAL dessert for us adults.

Kealin and Hallie. Kealin tells us that he is going to marry Hallie one day.
This is just a random shot I got of Oliver. Obviously more interested in what was up his nose, than in the Christmas party.

Santa arrived just before tea and the kids all lined up to tell him what they wanted. Hallie said lego and Sarra said a puppy that she could call Biscuit. Santa might be a bit busy to drop that present off I think.

Look at the look on Ty Ty's face as he susses out Santa.

Don't we have some cute kids in Delward.................

Mary Walters

Will Triffitt

Everyone had a lovely time eating and chatting even though the barby would not work and this is how Scott (Christie) ended up cooking the snags.


The Kings said...

Oh wow - I can't believe that Simon made that nativity scene!!!! That is sooooo awesome. He is a man of many talents! As for me being crafty with my photography I don't know about that! :)
Jonty is growing each time I see a pic of him. I miss you, even though we just saw each other last week - it's not the same as seeing each other 3-4 times a week at the gym.

Jackie said...

I LOVE the photos..The ward party looked liked fun hey...wished we were there..
I want some photos of the kids..please Simone..