Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas, Cookies and a Curl

Last night being the first Monday in December, as per tradition, we decorated the Christmas tree. I must admit I wasn't really into it this year - still in sleepless zombie mode but the kids made up for my lack of enthusiasm.

Tonight Simon had the bright idea of making some biscuits. He never does anything in halves and ended up making 4.5 kilos of biscuit mixture.

That included one kg of butter, 12 cups of flour and 16 eggs - thankgoodness we have chooks. Half he is freezing before baking and the other half, cooking before freezing. As it is, it is 10.15pm and he still has alot of baking to do. I am tempted just to eat the cookie dough - yummy!

And here is a random shot of Jonty's hands. I am playing around with the camera trying to get some nice shots, like Lisa does. I love those newborn shots she took of Kobe's feet. Hmm a bit more practising for me I think.

Jonty has this one curl on the top of his head that sticks up after I have given him a bath and washed his hair.


The Kings said...

Oh wow - that is a lot of cookie dough!! Good idea to have some frozen though. Jonty is a cutie - growing so fast! Hope you don't feel like such a zombie soon.

Collette said...

Simon better be excited about christmas this year as he actually gets to come! You guys are gonna get way fat eating all those cookies!

Carli said...

I can see your photography skills coming along Simone :) - Jonty's curl is beautiful. Hope you get many hours of sleep in a row tonight!

Penny Bingham said...

Wow, that's a lot of cookie dough Simon! And Jonty already has more hair than Owen!