Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The big 9

Yesterday Oliver turned 9 years old!! Where did that time go. He is growing up into such a  delightful young man and is so earnest and thoughtful. Last month for my own birthday, he blu-tacked three 2 dollar coins and a one dollar coin to a card for me out of his own pocket money. In the card he had written a number of words that describes me from his point of view. One of the words was "careful". He is such a funny boy.

Oliver had written a list of things he wanted for his birthday. Nine things in total to match his birthday. Three of the things were books, one was a hug!!

As per tradition, Oliver was allowed to choose whether he wanted the day off from school. Sometimes he has chosen to go until recess or lunch but he was happy to have the whole day off. I think it would be different if they were always having days off and not valuing their time at school. Some people might think we are not teaching them that school is a priority, that a birthday is just an excuse to have a day off school.  But on the contrary, because education and learning is so important in our home, the kids rarely have a day off and so it is extra special to have their birthday off as positive reinforcement for all their hard work. Plus we love having the one on one time with them for part of the day, where they choose whatever they want to do.

It worked out well that SImon had a rostered day off so while Hallie and Flynn had hospital appointments, Simon took Oliver to spend some of his birthday money and stop at the Cold Rock Ice Creamery.
After we took Hallie back to school, Oliver and Flynn spent the afternoon putting together some lego he got with his birthday money.

I finished off his birthday cake, which of course was all about Minecraft.

For tea Oliver picked homemade vegetarian sausage rolls, American hotdogs and party pies with some lollies on the side. Flynn filled his roll with M&Ms instead of a hot dog. Why not - it was a birthday tea after all!!

If there was ever a kid that was happy, quiet and content, always does what he is asked to do... straight away, hates getting into trouble, has never in his whole life ever tried to get back out of bed once he has gone, (a huge plus lol), has never thrown a tantrum, loves to read and learn and has the quirkiest sense of humour and yes sometimes I think he is a perfect child ;), then you pretty much have our Oliver.

The only child with a cute dimple.

Happy Birthday Oli!


Kyle said...

Love it, I remember when he can to visit and I said what do you want for dinner, you can have anything and he asked for two minute noodles.


make it perfect said...

what a gorgeous boy! i'm laughing at the "NEVER IN HIS WHOLE LIFE EVER" phrase - staying in bed is VERY important!