Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hagley Crop Maze

Yesterday we went with the Lisa and the boys to the Hagley crop maze. Simon had mentioned it about a week earlier, saying the owners of the farm had brought someone from the UKout to map out a maze in the shape of a Tasmanian Tiger. The owners then got a mower fitted with a GPS to cut the crop in the shape of the Tiger. It is only going to be for 3 weekends before the whole crop is slashed. It is only five minutes from our house and we had been passed it heaps of times going into and out of Launceston.

Before you walk into the maze, the owners had set up a free jumping castle, live music and gourmet sausages. It had a really lovely atmosphere.

We decided to stop there at the end and head off into the maze.

We were given flags to carry around that if you were lost, could put in the air so the rest of your party could find you. We soon realised that we would be able to hear the kids most of the time before we could see them as they were so excited to be doing this and were non-stop chattering.

The fort in the background tin this pic is where you had to get too and there was only one path that led to it.

We started off in the mini-maze which was on a much smaller scale but for me and my geographical skills, it didn't help much and I was happy to follow everyone else and just enjoy the surrounds.

For the big maze, a fort was near the entrance so we could go up there first and get a feel of the layout of the area.

They gave us cards at the entrance with 10 different animals to find on boards placed around the maze. They also gave us a map which cost $2, half of which went to saving the Tasmanian Devils. If you didn't open your map however, you were refunded the $2.
We didn't get our money back!! ;)

We have such beautiful land out where we live. I love having the mountains as a backdrop and seeing such wide open spaces, that are fresh and natural.

You can see the kids holding up their flags in this pic. Originally some of the kids left us adults and went off on different paths but in the end we all stuck together as we ended up going round and round in circles and coming across each other all the time.

Every now and again someone would run ahead and hide and then jump out at us. It was a crack-up especially when Simon did it and Lisa screamed.

We had such a good time and ended up spending about two hours in the maze. It was definitely worth going to and I hope they do it again next year, maybe with a different configuration.

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