Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summer holiday fun at an end...

 After all the business of Christmas wore off we had a nice long month of January where  the weather warmed up and we had heaps of time just hanging out with no place specific to go. No set routines, no after school activities. I worked a few nights but other than that, we just spent our time enjoying the sunshine.

The grass grows long outside at this time of year and I love it how my two youngest boys bring me weed flowers. I always make a big deal about it and put them in a vase as I want them to always do that, not just for their Mum but have that consideration for all women.

The kids had friends over to hang out with. I love having their friends come here and hearing them having fun. Even though the friend may belong to just one of them, they all still hang out together which is nice.

Now that we are officially into Autumn, I know that soon enough the warm days and beach days will be at an end but for Tassie, March can be even hotter than Feb so I'm hoping there are a few more swim days like the days below that we had during the summer holidays. We certainly had fun taking some underwater pics.

Off on an adventure with the Kings at Port Sorell to walk out to this island. It was awesome!

Lisa took some great shots of us getting acquainted with the crabs. :)

Some parts of the walk to the island were quite shallow but then for a few of us shorter members, it got a tad deeper!!

We had plenty more days at the Egmont River too, as the temp tipped 30 degrees.

I hope we get just one more month of warmish weather before the frost and cold set back in for another year. And just as I finish typing this line, ready for publishing tomorrow, its now after school and we are about to head back to the river to cool off from this scorcher day!!

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