Saturday, March 8, 2014

WPS athletics carnival

Last Monday, the kids had their athletics carnival. Collette, Toby and Mum were staying for a few days and as you can tell by Jonty's face above, he was super-excited to have the extra fan club.

It was nice to have our friend from church Gus here, helping out from Deloraine HS. He was assigned to help with the early childhood races.

Hallie was super fast, winning all her races, the 800m, 400m, 200m and 100m. She has stamina mixed with speed and lets everyone know that being a little shorter than her peers, does not mean a thing.

Oliver did really well too. A first in the 800m, second in the 200m and a third in the 100m.

Jordan and Hallie getting ready to represent Westfield in the sack race.

Best mates, Noah and Oli.

Flynn loved going in the toddler race and was so chaffed that he got to have a turn like the big kids.

And the parent race... let's just say I used to be as good runner!! It was a great bit of fun though and good for the kids to see the adults have a go, laughing as we went along. And me randomly holding Flynn's hat - obviously what slowed me down. ;)

The kids loved having Toby there and Mum and Collette loved being at an athletics carnival... without being teachers!! :)

Oliver and Jonty looked so cute together in this race. They worked very well together.

Toward the end of the day I took Mum and Collette to the airport.

It was SO lovely having them stay for a few days. I wish it was longer.

When I got back to the carnival, they had just started the field events. Hallie threw a winner in the vortex and also came first in the long jump.

Oli came first in his long jump too.

It was a glorious day and all the school kids had a great time, trying everything out and having a go. Hopefully Collette and Mum can make it to another carnival sometime in the future. Hallie and Oliver are now off to the Northern Midlands on the 31st of March, which will be at the St Leonards track.

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