Friday, March 21, 2014

Bread making

On the 4th Tuesday of each month the Primary kids from church age 8-11 yrs get together to do fun stuff, develop talents, serve others and learn about living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is called the Faith in God program.

Last month we decided to learn about bread making. We decided that instead of just making bread and eating it ourselves (which of course is always fun) we would make the Sacrament bread to be blessed and passed during church.

We all thought this was a wonderful idea and while the bread was baking, we all took the opportunity to remind each other about how important it is to remember Jesus not just on Sundays when we take the Sacrament but every day of the week as we try to be kind and think of others and try and make good choices at home and at school.

While the bread was cooking, the children had a well-earned break outside, eating brownies and ice-cream.

One the bread was cooked, there was a little left over for everyone to enjoy. A cook must taste their cooking right and it was so yummy, warm bread with loads of butter.

We finished off with some fun outside and some jumping on the trampoline... not too high though!!

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