Thursday, March 13, 2014

My cousin Elliott

I have a  cousin called Elliott Bingham. Elliott lives far away in Texas. He has one sister and 4 brothers.  He is number 4 in his family, just like me. This is the only time I have got to meet and hang out with Elliott. It was January 2010. I was 14 mths old and Elliott was 9mths old. There is only 5 mths between us.
Elliott's Mum and my Dad are brother and sister.

I love Elliott!

As we have been getting older, Elliott has been writing to me and I have written back. Last time Oma and Pop went to visit my cousin's I sent Elliott some "stuff and he loved it". (I love Jonty's own words here).

Some of Elliott's latest letters have been so cute.

He sent Jonty a Valentine's card, and a letter saying that he loved him and that for "show and tell" at school he told the class all about his cousin Jonty.

Jonty has a pin board in his room that he keeps up all of Elliott's letters.

Penny sent me a few photos of Elliott taken recently. They are growing up so much and I wish they could grow up closer together as they are so close in age and would get on really well.

Elliott in the front row in the Puma top.

Elliott with his younger brother Will.

Simon and Jonty made Elliott a video.

We so very much want to go over to America and visit the Binghams sometime in the future but with a family of seven, it will be very expensive. We will just have to keep saving.

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