Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Irish jig { Westbury St Patrick's Day Festival}

On Saturday our town held their annual St Patrick's Day festival. Each year our primary school showcases some maypole dancing and my girls have always loved going in it. Students from grade 3 -6 can volunteer to do it and they have to learn a series of intricate dances. I can't believe next year will be Hallie's last year doing it.

Simon took Flynn and Hallie down as Jonty and I had to pick Oliver up from a birthday party and finish cooking some afternoon tea for a Primary activity we were having that afternoon. As usual the fan club was out in force to watch. I know Flynn can't wait to get bigger so he can stop being on the sidelines of all these fun activities the others get to do.

They started with the parade at 10.30 am through the streets around the village green.

Some of the costumes looked amazing.

Sarra's friend, Tilly from church, had stayed the night so they came down too to check out the stalls.

Hallie had two performances, one at 11am and one at 12.30 pm. Other years when I have been, it is so amazing to watch the ribbons and the way the dancers make the intricate patterns. It is very impressive to watch.

Sarra loves that Tilly hangs out at Deloraine HS with her old besties from Westbury PS and it was lovely for them to all catch up together. 

Amongst some great food stalls there was also heaps of fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

Another great day at the St Patrick's Day Festival and another impressive maypole performance. One of the parent's Cindy Chung, did a great job over the weeks teaching them all the individual dances. One more year for Hallie. I wonder if Oliver will have a go. :)

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