Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back to school 2014

Last week the kids went back to school. 

They were all ready and excited to go. It was a much more relaxed start than last year when we had one starting kinder and one starting high school. This year Jonty and Sarra were both looking forward to school and feeling great about having one year under their belt already at their new schools.

Sarra's first day,  starting grade 8.

Oliver is in grade 3 this year, Jonty in Prep so going every day (last year was only 3 days a week) and Hallie is in grade 5. Flynn thinks he is going. When we walk to school, he keeps asking, "my stool day".

Saying goodbye to Jonty on his first day at Prep.

Saying goodbye to Hallie on her first day in grade 5. We didn't get a photo of Oliver, as per usual, he ran off excitedly as soon as we got there, to dump his bag and find his friends.

Walking home with Daddy. 

After school Flynn was so cute. As soon as the bell went and the kids came out of class, he ran up to each of them and wrapped his arms around their legs, SO excited to see them, yelling out, "Yallie", "Honty" and "Ollah".

After school I grabbed a quick photo of all of them together. In the morning, Sarra is up at 6.30am and walking to the bus by 7.30am, before the others even get up. Because we live just a short 7 min walk away from the school, the others can get up as late as 8am (although they usually get up around 7.40) and still have plenty of time before we start walking to school which starts at 8.55am.

Flynn is going to miss his big buddy as they often play together, (with a little fighting thrown in the mix when they are both tired), but I'm sure he is also going to love some one on one time with Mumma, that he has never had being the youngest of 5.

This is Sarra's friend Tayla who lives just across the road and used to go to Hagley. They became good friends about part way through last year. This year they are in the same core class so do all their main compulsory subjects together and will go on camp together so I'm sure they will have a ball.

It's lovely having Tayla live close by as the girls often do their homework together after school and they walk to the bus each morning and back again in the afternoon.

I know all the kids will have a great year at school this year and try their best in whatever they set out to do.


The Kings said...

They look smart in their uniforms - especially Sarra. Your landscaping is looking good!

Carol Levin said...

They all seem to be having fun, Simone. Letting them study in one school is ideal since they can all help each other if needed be. How are their studies? There may come a time that one subject may be too hard for them, getting a tutor would be a great idea to aid them. Thanks for sharing! :)

Carol Levin