Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bon Voyage Bells

Last week after Jonty got back from Bridport, the Bells came to stay with us for their last weekend in Tassie before moving to Adelaide. Hayden was successful at getting into a speciality programme at a hospital over there which will take five years to complete. Doctors certainly do more than their fair share of study and hard work to get where they are at. Simon was still on holidays from work so we were able to get out and do heaps of stuff together.

I'm going to go and visit them in June and stop in and see Jess in Melbourne on the way but even in that short time, little Toby Woby will have grown.

The weather was still very hot so we did heaps outside and joked how Adelaide was the hottest city on the earth that week. We went for a swim in our local river. Simon has an underwater camera he got for search & rescue and it is so good having a camera in the water and not worrying about it getting wet.

Toby wasn't too sure about the water. :)


Did a bit of kite flying.

Flynn felt very chuffed with himself, flying the kite.

We went and played a few games of tennis. I won one set against Collette and then promptly lost the next two.

We then went and had icy poles and a play at the village green.

Both nights we watched movies and just relaxed on the couch and chatted.

Mum's blurry photo taking but here Collette and I are saying goodbye to each other Sunday morning before Collette headed off to the airport. We sure am going to miss these guys!!


The Kings said...

This is the first time that I think Toby looks a little bit like Jonty.

Collette said...

waa was this is sad too...stop it with the sad posts! ps thanks for all the fat photos!