Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enjoying Bridport... one last time!

Last week we went to Bridport one last time before Mum moved out last weekend. We have had so much fun over the years, from 2007, Christmas 2007, 2008, 2009, moving to Bridport 2010,Christmas and Boxing Day 2012, escaping winter, summer 2012, visiting Mum and Collette (when she lived there in 2007 and 2008), playing tennis at the local tennis courts and getting whooped by both Collette and Mum, going to the dog beach and other beaches enjoying fish and chips from the local shop and having renting out the house with friends in 2011 so we could camp in comfort. We know we can always go back to Bridport but it will never be the same, not visiting the Bridport house. Christmas 2012, saw all of us stay at Bridport for Christmas and it was so great to have all the cousins together and have a great time with my sisters and their families.

During the day we would help Mum pack her house and do some cleaning. When it got too hot, around 2pm, we would go down to the beach for a play before coming back to the house to do a bit more before bedtime.

Summer at Bridport is always fun with lots of people camping and fun activities to do. On one of the nights, we headed down to the local oval where they had set up some rides.

The kids had such a ball... and the big kids too.

It worked out perfectly that the Coronas and Websters happened to be camping down at the caravan park while we were at Mum's so we met up during the day for a swim and play at the beach and then on their last night, we went down around 9pm and sat around the campfire and had a good chin wag.

It reminded me of when we went on our Easter Camp and how much fun we had back then. Definitely something I want to plan again for the future.

The kids were really good at doing jobs for Mum and helping out. At times it looked like we were making more mess than not, sorting through things and having all 7 of us staying with Mum, but once we had done a tip run and Simon had packed the trailer to take back to the container Mum has stored at our place, things started to look empty.

It cracked me up Hallie found this old stereo and was asking where you plug the ipod into!!

It was a great week to be at Bridport, as the weather was nice and warm and the beach had some great waves for jumping.

Bridport has had many great memories and even though it is sad to see the house go, it is time for its occupants to move on, to create new memories and begin new chapters in their lives.

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