Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moving from Bridport

It only seems like yesterday that we were moving Mum to Bridport to continue her sea change teaching career at Scottsdale Primary School. She had already been teaching and living there for 2 years with Collette, but was now renting her house out permanently after Jess and Kyle moved out of her house, to live in Melbourne. Collette got a transfer to Oatlands District High School and was moving to Hobart (Brighton) and so Mum was now going to finish out her teaching career over the next few years, near the ocean.

I just finished a post last week which included many links to all the great times we have had at Bridport over the years. I can't think of any one great memory that has stood out. Having the opportunity to visit family who have lived near the beach for so long has been a wonderful privilege and we have been very spoiled staying at a house near the beach as opposed to tenting it!!

The week after we helped Mum pack up her house in Bridport, Jonty and I went back for two days to help Mum finish up and move the rest of her things and the final clean of the house before the new owners moved in.

This is the great view over the ocean we have been spoiled with whenever we have visited.

On the last night before Mum left, we headed off to the local pub for one last Bridport meal. Jonty kept calling it a cafe and I think he loved going out for a meal with just him.

Mum being always thoughtful had left some chocolates and a card for the new owners.

The new owners had bought most of the big furniture because they are using it as a holiday shack so that made it HEAPS easier for Mum to move as there was not so much big furniture to move out.

Jonty was actually a really good help while we were there. He brushed cobwebs, helped mow the lawn cleaned windows, helped walk Coco one last time along the beach and swept some floors. He was very excited about his jobs and I kept chuckling at his enthusiasm.

Jonty grabbed my camera on the last morning and I couldn't help but laugh at the random photos he took.

This was me getting VERY frustrated with myself at trying to untangle the ropes and then have a go at tying everything down. I really should have googled how to tie truckie knots. In the end I took a pic of the trailer all loaded up and sent it to Simon and he tried to tell me the best way to tie it all down. With the heat quickly reaching 36 degrees that day, I kept teasing Mum that she picked the hottest week of the year to move.

We took a few last photos of Collette's house before we headed off.

Mum followed closely behind me incase anything fell off but my rope ties held and we surprisingly made it back to Westbury without incident. 

We stopped at Lilydale on the way for something to eat and an ice-cream. The temp was sitting on 36 degrees so we definitely enjoyed the break. Even though we had a few days of hard yakka, I really enjoyed spending the time with Mum, one last time at Bridport.


booqiboutique said...

Jonty is the best! Bye bye Bridport house :(

Collette said...

waa waa waa...this makes me sad!...also Jonty has a gift you should get on to that!