Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas with the Triffitts

The day after we went to my Dad's for Christmas, we headed off to Burnie to celebrate Christmas Day with Simon's side of the family.

We had a great day getting together with everyone. Each Christmas, we rotate who we are going to buy for so that we get one family each year. With lots of kids in each family, it works out much more budget friendly this way. We have no limit on what we spend on the family we have each year and that way because we only have one family each, we can spend time and money on getting quality gifts rather than just buying something for the masses. I have a separate account that Christmas money goes into all year but lately I seem to be adding more to it each year as my kids get older and "things" get more expensive.

 The kids of course love presents time. Our kids got some awesome pressies from Kay and DIon this year.

Ollie loved his big nerf gun with flying discs.

Hallie loved her Darth Vader lamp which sits beside her bed so she can read at night.

Jonty got a Darth Vader torch and some transformers.

Flynn got Superhoot which he takes to bed with him every night. He loves the Giggle and Hoot show.

Sarra has been wanting a nomination bracelet forEVER and Kay sent away to England for one. She loves it.

I am in love with the towels we got and the silver/grey matches our mirror frames in our ensuite perfectly.

We had Oma and Pop and Jason and Kaisa this year so we sent a gift card to Sydney for Jason and got Oma and Pop a remote control motor for their garage door so they can just press the button and the garage door goes up and down without them having to get out of the car.

I think we were very spoiled with all the lovely amazing presents, yummy food and good times chatting and catching up.

We missed having Josh, Allister and Jakob who spent Christmas in New Zealand, Brazil and Japan and can't wait for next year to have Josh back with us again. Having the sister missionaries at our place for breakfast on Christmas morning and watching them skype home, felt like I was vicariously supporting my nephews (including Jayme in the USA) who I hope were having just as good a Christmas as our missionaries here.

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