Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fake Christmas Day get together

On the weekend of the 14th of December, Jessica, Kyle and Bastian were able to pop over from Melbourne and Collette, Hayden and Toby came up from Hobart to all have Christmas lunch together at the Wheelers house. Every second year, the Bells and Andrews have Christmas Day with Kyle and Hayden's families so we decided to try and have our own little Christmas Day celebrations altogether this year, especially as Mum will be in America next year on her family history mission.

We had a great day of yummy Christmas food and we had all gone out to make it all very festive and yummy because even though it wasn't Christmas Day, it was the only chance we would have this year to celebrate as a family.

I love this cross-stitch Jessica did for our family. She sat and looked at photos of each of us and then spent hours coming up with this amazing piece of work. The little balloon between Jonty and Flynn represents Charlotte which was very touching and lovely.

We all chipped in and got Mum a new ipad Air for Christmas so that she can take it away with her to spend lots of time emailing and skyping us. :)

Mum tried out the photo quality of her new pressie straightaway, taking a pic of all the grandkids, except for Jayme, spending his first Christmas on his mission.

It was a lovely day and so great to catch up with everyone and spend some time relaxing and just chatting.... and catching up with younger cute cousins. :)

Both the Andrews and Bells stayed at different times over the weekend at our house and I loved having them in the house to hang out with and play games, just sit and chat and catch up and do jobs. (thanks Kyle). :)

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