Monday, November 26, 2012

S.Korea - Suwon traditional Korean village

Day 7 - Wednesday Sept 19

One week into our trip, we decided to visit Suwon, Simon's first area on his mission back in 1995. Simon knew there was an amazing traditional Korean folk village and wanted to show us how Koreans lived in "the olden days". Because our own country has only 200 odd years of history, I jumped at the chance to delve into the diverse history of this amazing place.

Jonty was excited enough about the train rides so he was easy to please no matter where we went.

Suwon was a bustling place. Everywhere you looked, were colourful signs and newish cars. There are no old cars whatsoever over there. I think it has something to do with Mr Hyundai. :)

We had a little look around before heading to the Folk Village.

Flynn loved the pack. Each morning he would try and pick it up and point to it and say "pa pa."

The Korean Folk Village was set in the Joseon Dynasty about 600 A.D. They set it up as a typical village of that era and it included interactive things to do, to take part in a re-enactment of the ancient way of life in Korea.

I started of course by taking photos of all the school kids. They were just so well-behaved. Mum being a teacher and all was very impressed with them.

Chatting to the fans.

Ancient cooking practices.

Get sweeping kids. Maybe I should have left them there to learn what hard work is really all about.

the toilet - very civilised for ancient times I thought.

a commoner's house

even for a commoner's house they had beautiful gardens

outdoor cooking

a traditional pharmacy with herbs and medicines

watching a performance of ancient dancers.

playing ancient games - trying to throw the stick into the pot.

Flynn pulling another crowd.

This cracked me up - it was showing different forms of punishment and torture.

Sarra looks like she is enjoying it a bit too much.

A photo of the real deal - A picture of leg screw torture - yikes!!

Inside a jail.

Some people got slated roofs over hay thatched ones. I wonder if it had to do with your standing in society or if you were richer, you could afford something a little nicer.

They obviously spent alot of time sweeping back in those days. 

As opposed to the thatched roof houses, this one had beautiful artwork and was much bigger with more rooms.

Many villages back in ancient times were based around rivers and mountains in accordance with feng shui, the river in front and the mountain behind. It made for a very beautiful setting with the most beautiful trees.

An olden day backpack, aka water basket.

traditional dress

The scenery just got better and better.

traditional irrigation system

olden day swings

After we spent the best part of the day looking around we sat and waited for our bus back into Suwon and then to catch the train back home into Seoul. The kids were all pretty tired and enjoyed a bit of a sit down.

Still with my fascination with the school kids, I was trying ti chase Jonty down too get him to walk with the school kids so I could take a photo of him in the midst of them.

Flynn was happy to oblige.

It was a wonderful opportunity and so so interesting to have a look at life in an ancient Korean village and I think it reminded us to not take for granted some of the creature comforts of home.


Carli said...

I liked the river area too, we we're really impressed by the village. The kids with their blonde hair really do stand out!

Anonymous said...

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Nettie's Blog said...

oh i would love to go there too...i love the simplicity of life there...(don't know as to if i would enjoy that simplicity during the winter months and without my comfortable bed)..what a wonderful experience for you all ...especially the kids.