Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Primary Presentation 2012

For the last couple of weeks in Primary at church, we have been winding things up for the year. This was my second year in the Primary Presidency, after spending seven years in a RS Presidency (stake and ward), the last three of which was as ward RS President.

So when I came into Primary I was very nervous and feeling out of place. Now two years on I love it and never want to leave the kids who are always cheeky (maybe just my kids), full of enthusiasm and excited about life in general.

The week before last we held our Primary Presentation for the year on our theme this year, "Choose The Right".  I really loved it because it covered many things that the kids could apply in their lives and at school each day, like choosing good friends, choosing to be honest and kind (and to your siblings), choosing to read good books and watch appropriate movies. We had some great discussions about computer games, wii games, ipod games etc and whether some of them were too violent. And I learned loads about Minecraft too - it was  nice to know other kids were as addicted as mine. ;)

Below is our Primary and very poor quality on the iphone I might add. It was a lovely presentation and important for our family because it was Sarra's last one as she moves up to Young Women's on Boxing Day and it was also Jonty's first one. 

You can see in the pic here, Jayne trying valiantly to hold Jonty for the photo. He is so stubborn sometimes and just did not want to be in it.

This was our trying to get ready pic.

After class the kids came outside to a little celebration for all the hard work they had done leading up to and on the day for their presentation. It was nice too for our teachers who do so much each Sunday to teach and inspire our kids.

This is the cake, Jackie Webster had made us for the occasion. She is just so talented and it tasted so so good too.

I felt so proud of all the kids and for all their efforts and for the beautiful singing that they did, despite being shy and nervous.

Last weekend we had our final Primary activity for the year. The Faith in God kids went on a hike with Simon and then we had a BBQ with all the Primary kids and their families when they got back.

What kind of Primary party do you get to hang out with Rusty the bull and go riding on 4- wheelers. The kind of Primary bash held at our Bishop's place of course.

Our theme for 2013 is "I Am A Child of God". I can't wait to learn all about it alongside all of our Primary kids.

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