Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas activity

Yesterday afternoon we had our annual ward Christmas activity. Last year we had it at the Porter's house and it was such a success that it was held there again this year.

Last year it was a little cold and windy but this year it was 28 degrees and just perfect. Chairs and tables were set up under the huge trees so the shade and cool breeze was a lovely backdrop to the sun.

(photo from Lisa)

There was plenty to do after we had a lunch full of salads, cold meats (ham and turkey) and many scrumptious desserts.

Simon was in charge of games for the kiddos and kept them entertained with all sorts of games.

Some kids of course found their own fun - cheeky Harri. Lisa and the boys had come out for the day to gatecrash our Christmas activity and why not.... where else do you have a church Christmas activity that includes a bull named Rusty who prefers to hang out with humans than with other cows.

After games, our Primary put on a little nativity play for everyone. We had been practicing for a few weeks and it was so cute to see them all dressed up.

one cute little shepherd

 Although some of the kids were too hot and bothered to get changed.

our angels (love the trampoline in the background-a real Aussie nativity scene)

Mary and Joseph

The main attraction of course was once again Rusty the bull who made an appearance last year too. 

And again like last year, Leon showed us you feed Rusty with an apple... via your mouth. Aahh!!

Even Beverley decided to have a turn.

Rusty is so tame that he lets people have rides on him. Uncle Kim here having a go.

He just loves all the attention.

Once again Santa decided to grace us with his presence and hand out lollies to all the kids.

Along with his helper, Mrs Claus.

Flynn was a bit bewildered by it all, wondering what the fuss was all about.

Jonty was just happy to get his hands on some lollies.

And then Bishop Porter took Santa and Mrs Claus and all the kids for a hay bale ride on the tractor.

And so of course all that was left to do after just about everyone had gone home and the cleaning up had been done.... was to find some random lollies on the ground

and eat away.

Merry Christmas.


Jalen & Harri said...

lol - nice spam comment above :)
Hate those :)
Was a lovely, fun day. Love your pics

Jalen & Harri said...

oh and that is me above - not Jay and Harri :)