Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just like in term 2 when Hallie played hockey, this term for after school sport (AASC), Hallie got to play and learn all about cricket every Friday afternoon.  For their last one for the term on Friday, parents were invited along to the Westbury cricket oval to play too. Let's just say I should have warmed up first.

Thankgoodness I always had the camera so there is no evidence of my Shane Warne bowling or Donald Bradman batting! What a shame.

We had a great afternoon having a great game of cricket. The parents who came all got to be on the same team as their child so there was some friendly rivalry happening. The kids got a kick out of watching their parents (try to) play cricket with them.

I'm sure my fielding skills would have been better if I wasn't running for the ball with the camera strung around my neck the whole time. ;)

Just like with hockey, Hallie is a natural, bowling and batting with great skill and accuracy. Even though she is my daughter (and I am a bit biased), from an objective point of view, I really admire her natural ability to be good at whatever sport she plays and her hand -eye coordination is quite extraordinary for someone her age.

The thing I love about summer is having the cricket on the telly and having a hit of the ball in the backyard. It is something I have grown up with and is iconic for many Australians. Most of us have fond memories of long summer nights playing until we couldn't see the ball anymore and the rule was- over the fence was six and out.

I hope my kids can have some of those memories too.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely detest cricket.
I think it comes for all the hours I was forced to field on the green at Bridport when I was a kid.
I used to stand right out back with a book in my hand...lol
Halle does look a natural though.
Great that the parents and kids could play together.
What a great school.
love Lorraine.