Friday, December 28, 2012

Boxing Day birthday beach fun

The day after Christmas Day, Sarra turned 12. I couldn't believe she was now officially going into YWs and ready to start grade 7 in just a few short weeks. She is not into chocolate birthday cakes so we did a cold rock ice-cream cake for her.

Sarra got some cool pressies.

We had a lovely birthday lunch outside. Sarra just wanted a simple bbq and salads to go with her cake.

After lunch some of the family decided to go sand dune driving in Kyle's 4-wheel truck.

Trying to get the car up a sand dune...

Sarra loved doing something different like this for her birthday.

Hayden looks like he is holding on very tight!

It was definitely a very cool way to end a great family gathering at Bridport. Can't believe that at the end of next year, Mum will be retiring and Collette will have a 5 month  old at Christmas time.

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