Thursday, January 17, 2013

*20 months*

Yay this morning we finally had the internet connected at our new house. It's only been 5 weeks of not having it on and 5 weeks of LOTS of phone calls to Telstra and I have missed reading all the blogs on my blogroll. I have many moving and Christmas/end of year posts to catch up on writing too. The kids are already nagging me about putting some posts up for them to read.

Now where was I... yes our overseas holiday but first in the middle of moving and waiting to be connected to cyberspace, our little man turned 20 months and his personality is really starting to shine through.

He is so gorgeously (is that even a word) cheeky!!

He only wants to feed himself now - noone is allowed to help.

Flynn has finally hit the double digits in weight and is 10.2 kg and his height is at 73cm. 

Since moving Flynn has started sleeping so much better. He still has some horror nights but they are getting less and less and about every 3rd or 4th night, he is sleeping through. I started keeping him up until about 8.30-9pm and since then he sleeps every couple of nights through to about 7am (minus the 11.30pm meds because anyone would wake up to having a syringe of meds mixed with water shoved down your throat so I don't blame him for waking but then again, many times depending on how deep a sleep he is in, I have given him the meds and he has only stirred slightly). Whenever I get excited and think I have finally won the sleep battle, he wakes up all through the night but soon I hope they will just be a distant memory.


Anonymous said...

He is too cute for words.
Love Lorraine.

Bekah said...

I had a good chuckle at him dressed up hehe! What a cutie!
You make motherhood very beautiful :)