Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the move.4

Since my last 'on the move' post just before we went overseas for a month, Simon has been busy doing all the fiddly time consuming jobs that finish off a house.


choosing splashbacks.

And the end result...we picked a dark grey.


putting on door handles.

putting up wallpaper.

fitting skirting boards.


putting in a bath and...

a toilet.

I have been busy cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Everyday I have been down there wiping, scrubbing and washing.

I had a helper who would dress for the occasion.

But it was all just too much for this little helper.

But this helper was a champion, helping me clean windows two days running.

This helper likes to help out any chance he can get.

These helpers came and mowed the block and looked after the kids for a few hours so I could spend a few hours at the block without constantly having to stop to check where they were.

Flynn and Jonty often get into mischief at the block, getting into tools or climbing in cupboards I have just cleaned so we do anything to keep them entertained while we work.

Flynn likes coming on tip runs with me. I can say after LOTS of practice I can now successfully back a trailer and get it off and on the tow ball. The tow ball part was easy to learn but the reversing with a trailer, just a little bit harder. :)

The laundry now has a benchtop and a sink. It was supposed to be the same as the bench in the hallway but the guy accidentally cut the caesarstone in French Nougat instead of normal nougat. It still looks okay and we ended up nearly getting the hallway one for free so it's all good.

The tiles going in... this is the kids' shower wall.

and the finished product.

our shower heads in the ensuite going in...

and our ensuite toilet. 
We were hoping to get our two double vanities and the toilet vanity finished being made before Christmas but there has been a holdup with the sinks so I am not holding my breath.


This past week because we had no carpet down, the kids put up a Christmas stick out the front.

But we do now have underlay so that is exciting.

SImon has also started on the built-in-robe doors. Now they just need coverings.

We also have a clothesline so I know things aren't too far away now.

Over the weekend, the carpet layer came back and laid out the carpet pieces ready to be fitted.

And because we want to move in before Christmas and Christmas is just under 2 weeks away, I have been starting to move some things in, taking down a few boxes everyday and after school with the kids and putting them away. Today my sister-in-law Tammy came and we got most of the kitchen down there except for the bare essentials we need over the next week.

At the end of all this after building for ten months, I am looking forward to doing a little bit of this. 
I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting.
I will have to return.
Looks fantastic .
Love Lorraine

Carli said...

WOW you have worked so hard, time to get in and LIVE in this place!!! Looks GREAT, I'm coming to visit.

Penny B. said...

wow - it's looking awesome! I've gotta show Chris the double shower heads - that's something he has always wanted!