Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 On November 1st it was Charlotte's 2nd due date and the start of NOAHvember. I love how these two dates coincide because although the date is tinged with sadness as I think of cheeky Noah and our little girl and what she would have been like at 2yrs old, the start of NOAHvember now represents a month of traditions as I try to do something each day for someone else which in turn helps me want to try to be a better person and honour the memory of these two special angels in my life.

Last year it was 'one balloon for two'. This year we tried something different and Simon ordered from China (oh how I love online shopping), these amazing paper air balloons. They were only $6 for 10 and you light the candle inside the balloon which creates the hot air to see it slowly rise into the sky.

We released two and it was truly beautiful to see them float up high into the night sky as the sun was setting.

You know how they say doing something for someone else benefits the giver the most. Well this is no different. My random act of kindness can take but a few seconds but because it is done with purpose and in memory of my two little angels, it has started to soften my heart, enrich my life and refine me just a little bit more.....and boy does my imperfect old soul need refining. :)

For example, last week someone said something to me that I felt hurt about. I am quite a mild mannered person (although I'm sure my kids beg to differ sometimes) and I don't often feel like this. I'm mostly good at seeing things from other people's point of view but initially I felt quite hurt about the situation.

I know that NOAHvember helped me let go of the hurt quite easily, quickly and completely because my heart had no room for negativity while it was busy focusing on Noah and Charlotte, while it was busy being refined just a little bit more (- or I'm sure those two cheeky ones would be saying, "busy giving her a major overhaul").

Plus most of the time, people don't intend to hurt each other and in these circumstances we have a choice to either let ourselves feel hurt or see the situation for what it really is, (that the person would probably be mortified if they knew you were feeling hurt over what they said)..... and  just let it go.

I know that I have unintentionally hurt people and I cringe about when I must do this, ignorantly and  without even being aware and will continue to do so because I'm human. But I hope that life's experiences teach me along the way so that as I grow and learn and refine my heart,  it will simply happen less often.

 Last year on one NOAHvember day, I nearly picked up a hitchhiker in the dead of the night on the Midland Highway. I might not try be so adventurous this year. :)


Nettie's Blog said...

what a truly beautiful way to remember Charlotte and Noah...sending you both hugs and special thoughts...truly Families are forever ..how blessed we are to KNOW this with all our hearts and minds. XXXXX

Princesses in waiting said...

Wise words that we could all live by in November and every other day of the year. How quickly 2 years goes and how greatly our lives change when we carry an angel in our hearts always.

Anonymous said...

You area amazing person, and your kindness just shines through,.
No matter what the month, your light shines.
I love you.
Love Lorraine.
I have been looking for those lanterns everywhere, I will have to ask Simon where negotiating them.
They are just beautiful.

Katherine said...

Beautiful rememberance day xx Wise and kind beyond your years :)