Friday, November 16, 2012

S.Korea - N- Seoul Tower

Day 4 - Friday Sept 15.

We layed about for the morning and went for a few walks along the back alleys near our apartment, letting Flynn have a day sleep for the first time since we got here and he was so much less cranky for the rest of the day.

 Jonty on the other hand has been getting crabbier and crabbier as he walks just as much as us and is exhausted before we even start each day. Everytime we got back to the apartment after a long day, Jonty would crawl into bed with the ipad to watch a movie with his blankie.

 He asked a few times to be picked up but had to walk and now doesn't complain at all but the tiredness is showing. He did such a good job because we were so busy everyday.

We set out about 5 pm to visit N-Seoul Tower, a very tall tower that overlooks the city from almost 360 degrees. It's hard to get all of the city in which houses 12 million people but we could see some amazing views from the observation deck.

walking toward the base of the tower

Although I really enjoyed taking the subway (it was really efficient and quick and clean and easy to navigate), I also enjoyed just walking along the street and comparing things to back home.

For example...
Korean ambo

don't know if Aurora Energy would get away with putting our hydro lines up like this

teddy bears on top of petrol bowsers - as you can see, some of which come out of the roof instead of sitting on the ground.

Ooh and because we were walking, the usual fame shot.

We caught the cable car up and I tried not to think about the safety factor as 50 of us were shuttled like cattle into the carriage and then hurtled up the hillside while the carriage rattled and swayed.

lining up for the cable car

view from inside the cable car as the sun was setting

Everyone was trying to take photos in the cable car but it was really just too squishy. But so many people wanted to go to the tower that we had to pack in or you would never get up there.

I think we came at a really good time because it was so beautiful to see the sun setting over the city.

The views were more than I imagined and although it was very busy we got a good look at a city that stretches as far as the eye can see. Every bit of land is taken up by buildings and mostly residential high rises as there is not enough land for people to have conventional houses with backyards that we back home associate a home to be.

In a country of 48 million people, about 12 million live in its capital city. The country is about the size of Tasmania and seeing as our population is only 500,000 - I started to realise how spoilt we are with our wide open spaces.

Once it was completely dark, the tower had a laser light show that was showcased on the side of the tower.

What I loved most about the Seoul Tower was the famous love lockets. Around the observation deck on every little bit of space you can find on the rails and trees are these little lockets with messages of love on them.


Anonymous said...

Loved the tradition with the love lockets.
Enthralled by your blog, keep it up.
Love Lorraine.

The Kings said...

Lol!! Flynn's fan club! That couple is so good looking. Love the locks and seeing all your photos.