Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Run for a Wish 2012

On the 21st of October we had our second annual fun run for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It felt really weird not having Aaron here and I kept thinking back to last year and how it was all so different then. I know though that he would have loved to see his family and friends continue on in his and Noah's honour.

Last year we had bright colourful balloons for Noah so this year we added in brown and gold ones for Aaron that we tied to our wrists and prams.

As the race started, we were at the back of the pack.

I decided to take off and try and beat last year's place, which wasn't too hard as I came in dead last pushing Jonty in the pram. This year I walked the 6.4km track in just over 1 hour. Next year I am going to break that 1 hour. :)

It was lovely to have Flynn there as last year he was in hospital.

The troops crossing the finish line. Steph looks pretty happy for just completing a 6.4 km walk with a pram full of stuff.

Lisa crossing the finish line. She is such an inspiration and example to me, to us all. The pain of Aaron  not being there to walk with us, would of course be hitting her the hardest of all, just like it does every minute of every day. We love her so much.

And how I love this chick. Lisa and Gary were in the States last year and I am so glad she got to walk with us this year.

Flynn took the balloon carrying business very seriously.

After the race, we let go of our balloons for Aaron and Noah. I loved watching them float up into the sky, the bright colours of Noah's gently intertwined with those of Aaron's. It's how I imagine they are right now.


Kayla Christie said...

was a fun day! cant wait till next year!

The Kings said...

So nice to have you all there again - even if you were way ahead of me :)