Monday, November 19, 2012

S. Korea - Itaewon and a typhoon

Day 5 - Monday Sept 17.

We rode the train to Itaewon but it was so rainy and blowy with our umbrellas turning inside out and we got so drenched that we gave up on the idea of shopping outside.  Itaewon is a shopping district, a 1.4 km long street, which supposedly has pretty cool shops but we didn't get to find out because of the lovely weather. 

 I have never got so wet so quick. A typhoon had just struck Korea but most of the damage was in the south of the country and Seoul was left with the relentless rain from the typhoon. 

I took some footage of the deluge as we tried to cross one of the busy streets. It doesn't look that much harder than rain back home but it was the fact that it was relentless for so long and didn't let up.

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