Monday, November 12, 2012

Westbury Primary School Carnival and Inter School Carnival

Today Sarra and Hallie competed in the Inter School Athletics Carnival covering the Northern Midlands and Meander Valley Districts. It even includes Flinders Island school and stretches from Deloraine Primary all the way round to Campbell Town Primary School.

To be able to compete in this carnival, you have to place a first or second in the event in your own school athletics carnival. We held our school athletics carnival a few weeks ago.... 

My girls loved the fun of the tug-of-war.

But by the look of their faces, it looks like they took their running races very seriously. :)

We all took the parent versus teacher relay race very seriously of course. This is us waiting for the baton change, looking very ready to run.

Sarra took this shot just before I whacked Jenny on the butt with my baton for being able to run faster than me. 

Oliver got to do a bit of running too.

As well as some fun stuff.

Hallie on the way to winning her 100 metre race.

Even Jonty was allowed to join in on one of the sack races.

Flynn however, will have to wait a few more years to join in. 

So today we headed to the St Leonards Athletics centre. The kids have just as much fun sitting and waiting for their races, as actually competing. And us parents have just as much fun sitting and chatting to each other too. Being a small school community, we all know each other well and so we cheer for each other's kids just as loud as we cheer for our own.

They all did a very good job in their events and it was lovely to see many of the kids from each school shaking hands with each other at the end of their races.





Sarra did a great job in the 1500m. It is such a long way to run.

Hallie made it into the final of her 100metre event. Her short little legs were pumping hard as she crossed the finish line.

Sarra in her 100m event.



It was also lovely to see our kids and all the other schools support and cheer for their friends as they raced around the track.

Even though it is nice to win, I love the friendly rivalry between schools. I was teasing my friend Scott Prebble who teaches at Perth along with my brother-in-law, that as long as we beat his school in the baton relay race, that's all that mattered. And we good spiritedly groaned whenever we competed against Hagley because they seem to win everything, even thought their town is on the same water as us. ;)

At the end of the day it was nice to come and support not just my girls, but all their school friends too and watch them all have a great day together.

Hallie with her besties' Alice and Hannah

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