Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jonty's 4th birthday

Today we celebrated Jonty's 4th birthday. When he first came out to the lounge room, I said, "Jonty it's your birthday today".  And he said, "no it's not, I'm still three". When he saw there were presents to open, he made a fist in the air and said, "yeeesss, it's my birthday today".

We love that Jonty has the privilege of celebrating his birthday on Remembrance Day and we love to explain to him that Remembrance Day signifies the end of WW1 and it is a day to honour our service men and women who have served and continue to serve our country to ensure our peace and freedom.

Sarra won this bear at the Westbury Show yesterday for Jonty. I love that it is nearly as big as him. He looks happy to celebrate Remembrance Day with Jonty too. :)

Opening some presents before church. A remote control car and a Thomas train character for his train set.

After church the Wheelers and Mum came for tea. Jonty got some cool pjs and tops and a motorbike track.

We sat outside and had a lovely birthday tea for Lisa and Jonty. Jonty was 4 days overdue and we were wondering if he was going to be born on Lisa's birthday tomorrow but he decided on a day of his own. SImon had to go to work at 4pm but was able to pop in a bit later to check how the snags were cooking on the barby.

Being only a day apart in birthdays these two love celebrating together. This year Jonty wanted a cake in the shape of a four (his Aunty never gets a say in what kind of cake they want-she just has to go with what Jonty says ;) ) so I said to Lisa, the cake also represented that she was 40 something.

Four years have gone by so quick. It's hard to believe that next year Jonty is starting kinder three days a week and will be a big boy going to school with Sarra, Hallie and Oliver.

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