Saturday, January 24, 2009

Windy Watersliding

Yesterday another windy cold day, we set off to Ulverstone for a BBQ and fun on the waterslide for Dion's birthday.

On the way down we stopped in to visit Nan T in the Deloraine Hospital. She had a stroke on Wednesdy morning. June King was just leaving when we arrived. Nan could not talk to us or respond but she liked us to hold her hand. When I talked about her garden, she squeezed my hand harder and she kept moving her head around to see Jonty so I put him next to her cheek on the pillow and put his hand over hers. I think she recognised us as she looked straight at me with her penetrating blue eyes and I could see Nan in there.

Simon mentioned her vegies and who would harvest them while she was there. I said, 'don't remind her of that or she will jolly well try and get out of bed to go tend to them'. I had a bit of a cry with Nan and I told her it wasn't because I was sad as I know she would be sitting there thinking, goodness me girl, pull yourself together, I'm not dead yet! :) I told her it was tears of joy over what a great example she is, how lucky I am to be in the same ward and get to know her over these past few years and how wonderful to have so many great-grandsons born in the past year to carry on her legacy and one day all serve missions at the same time. It was very peaceful in the room and I felt I could sit there for hours just holding her hand and talking quietly to her. Even the kids were quiet and well-behaved. After about 30 mins, she fell asleep.

I said to Simon that we should have taken the camera in to get a photo of Nan and Jonty holding hands, then chuckled as Nan would be cross with me, taking a photo without her hair or make-up done and not wearing one of her pretty brooches.

When we got to Ulverstone, just as last year it was cold and windy but that didn't stop some of them from going down.

Jonty and I stayed at Oma's and spent some quiet time browsing everyone's blogs.

By the time everyone got back all cold and shivery, Pop had the BBQ all ready and Oma and Aneika had got all the salads and other yummy nibbles ready.

Oliver really enjoyed the dessert...............

After tea the boys played some cricket and the girls drew with chalk on the concrete. I used to love doing that as a kid.

Look at all these lovely girls sitting together on the step.

Oliver's hair is getting so long now, that it is turning into ringlets at the bottom. His hairdresser, Pip just had a baby so it might stay the blonde surfie look for awhile until Pip is up for a visit.

Boys will always be boys................

Oh that's better.................

It's lovely when we all get together at Oma and Pop's as it creates wonderful memories for the cousins that they can look back on and remember together.

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Penny B. said...

Wish we could have been there for the BBQ & waterslide too!
I got teary reading your comments about your visit to see Nan. I'm sad that I can't be there too - but you made me feel like I was visiting her as well.