Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too hot for babies

This is the temperature inside my house, in the kitchen (34deg -where is the air-con when you need it)

As we all swelter away, I think about how much hotter it must feel for the oldies and little babies. Today Jonty other than feeding heaps cos who wouldn't drink more in this heat, has been sleeping most of the day away in front of the fan.

Outside, the kids are cooling off by jumping on a wet trampoline and playing in the paddler pool. Charna is here for a sleepover and Oliver has gone to her house. Kealin and Oliver are so cute together. Kealin has been saying, "Oliver is my friend'. They have been planning a sleepover for ages so a kid swap sounded like a good idea.

Oh and we have been wearing rashies and sunscreen all day but it is now about 5.30 and muggy overcast so I was like, what the heck, wear what you like now.

Ha,ha and this is so funny.... I had Jonty on the floor with no nappy on for awhile making it nice and breezy for him and Simon had set out some Savoy biscuits and dips to have before he went to work and was ready to settle down to watch a repeat of Top Gear. He had the biscuits and dip set out on the floor. Do you see what is going to happen??

I reckon Jonty might be a basketballer (good aim) as he did a wee which arced up in the air and landed perfectly in the dips.


The Kings said...

LOL - go Jonty!! We let Kobe crawl around with no nappy at the moment too and so far we have been lucky.
I am the same with my boys - its rash vests, sunscreen and hats in the middle of the day, but early evening I just let them run around in the pool in the yard with just their undies on.

Anonymous said...

Eden wee'd in my mug of milo when he was only a few weeks old.
Now that was a good aim!!
Love Lorraine.

Konnie Penney said...

Way to go Jonty! Hope you survive the next cuple of days of warm weather.

Penny B. said...

Good job Jonty! Sam got Chris right in the mouth one time when he was just a month or so old. Chris, conveniently, has forgotten about it!!