Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Collette

Yesterday was Collette's birthday. It's great being a teacher and having a birthday in January because she never has to got work on her birthday. Yesterday afternoon, Mum, Collette, Hayden, Jess and me and the kids met up with Aunty Zoe at Longford to go through the cemetery there to find some rellies. We grabbed some lunch at the bakery and headed back to the caravan park where Zoe and Jim are staying. I envisaged some small caravan that you hook up to the car but instead it was this HUGE winnebago-type thing and was very luxurious. Inside had a loungeroom with recliners and a lovely kitchen. It even had a laundry and is so big a truck has to pull it. I could definitely go around Australia in one of those. Zoe and Jim are leaving for Canada next week so it was good to catch up with Zoe again.

Hayden and Collette took the kids for a walk to see the ducks and ended up letting them do rolly pollys on the way back. So lovely all covered in grass stains.

All that would have been better with photos but of course I left the camera at home. At about 3.30 we left Longford and went home to get ready for Collette's birthday party!!

Collette always has good birthday parties as they play such fun games and it is so funny to watch all the YSA being big kids and playing little kids games. There was heaps of yummy food that we all tucked into. Someone got some great eating shots with my camera.

Hayden, Danny, Chris and Paul

Kelv tucking in

Hallie and Jeshua

me and Julia

One of the games was pass the parcel and each time it was unwrapped the person had to do something with Collette. Julia Fuglsang and Collette had to make up a dance routine, Jeshua and Collette had to sing on Singstar together and Danny Polley for the second year running, won a date with her.

They played pin the patch on the pirate and the one where you tie a balloon to your leg and try to pop everyone else's while protecting your own. That came down to a dual between Sacha Rattray and Anthony Wheeler.

Out on the deck they played musical chairs.

This is Kyle Andrews with no middle name (that's how Jess described him to me) that Jess met at the YSA Convention in Adelaide!!

Lovely shot there Jade
We had great food and it was lovely catching up with Chels and Dave. Hattie and Oliver are only like 6 days apart and ran around together. It was good catching up with Sarah too who is down visiting Kelv and Annette over Christmas.

Jonty seemed a bit freaked out by all the noise at first but then settled down for a nap.

Nice hair Jay

Elle and Jonty
The YSA were still going strong when we left at about 10pm. It was definitely a generation y party with half downstairs playing guitar hero and half upstairs playing singstar. Cool party Collette!!


The Kings said...

Oh fun!!! Looks like a great night.

Jackie said...

hi simone
great photos and looks like you guys had fun..its always nice to have fun with family and friends i guess thats what its all about huh!!!

melandpeter said...

Hey Simone, you didn't mention who won the duel between Sacha and Anthony?...

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