Thursday, January 1, 2009

Weegeena rocks in the New Year

Last night the Wheelers, Mum and us headed to the Websters for a NYE party. And party we did.... in that we made it to midnight without piking out. It was crazy choosing to stay up late and miss out on precious sleep but who could resist a party at the Websters!

This is one of my favourite photos of Mel and Tyren

Mark had been roasting a lamb on the spit all afternoon and Dean was out the back on the barby cooking up steak and sausages. We all brought either a salad or dessert and Jayne's brownies (well actually Georgia made them) were a hit. Mel made this scrumptious choc cake and Jackie kept bringing out yummy dips.

Okay enough about the food........... there was quite a few people there and everyone enjoyed themselves despite the blustery old night. It got down to 10 deg but noone let that dampen their spirits. Rene Ziesel, Chris, Lisa, Mum, Mark and I sat around the fire chatting away while the rest of the party played games. They were so loud, I was afraid they would wake the neighbours but then realised the neighbours were there so it didn't matter.

This horn Jackie has was so loud, it sounded like a siren signalling the end of a football match.

The view from the fire back towards the garage with everyone piled in playing games. Really us adults are just big kids.

Jonty and Lachlan timed their feeds at the same time so Steph and I sat inside for awhile and fed them. I wondered how much sleep we would get that night..... crazy new Mums!
Just before midnight, the ones playing games counted down but according to Chris' iphone which looked up the official time, they were out by 1min and something seconds so us around the fire counted down again after them. It was a crackup.

Jasen and Darryl
We got home at about 10 past 1 and boy was everyone grumbly. The kids slept in until 10am this morning so that was lovely. Oh apart from Jonty but we don't count him yet. He was still a good boy and gave me a good block of 4hrs sleep before waking. Well I would have got a good sleep but Sarra woke about 5am, spewing in her bed all over her pillow. Oh the joys!

I asked Simon to take some pics of everyone around midnight because I had Oliver asleep on my lap, thinking he would take some nice pics of people that were there and all I can find is 50 million different shots of the lamb on the spit............................. gross.


The Kings said...

Oh it looks freezing!! Hasn't the weather been crap!!? I'd much prefer my sleep I'm afraid!:)

Biggest Sis said...

Hey what a great night, thanks for inviting us. It was great to do something different and we can sleep anyday, oh yeah we do that everyday....Lisa! I like to think of the concept of making memories to take with us to the next life- afterall we can't take much else ;)

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