Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Blessing and A Baptism

Today was a wonderful day, busy but lovely. Today we celebrated Jonty's blessing and Sarra's baptism. We decided to have them both on the one day so that family did not have to travel twice.

Jonty has had a bad cough all week and has been all snuffed up (i think its going around here in Tas cos we haven't had summer yet) and not slept very well but last night was the icing on the cake with him going down at 11.15 and woke again at 1am and cried and dozed and cried and dozed until finally settling at 5am. I can't wait to tell him what a naughty boy he was the night before his blessing.

The most amazing thing about Jonty's blessing was having his great-grandfather and grandfather in the circle along with 3 Uncles and Simon. What a wonderful lineage he comes from and I am especially proud of Harry for being there for Jonty as I know how tired he gets on Sundays.

After church we held Sarra's Baptism. She was very excited until she saw the font. The water had come out a horrible yellow dirty colour and she came crying into the nursing mother's room where I was feeding Jonty and told me how dirty the water was. I told her that it was okay, that the water was just a different colour in Delcity than it was in Westbury. I don't think she believed me but she settled down and became excited again. Just before she went down into the font, she told me she was scared because everyone was watching her. I told her to take a deep breath and everything would be okay because today she was making a wonderful choice.

Simon and Sarra had been practising at home and so it went off without a hitch. Oma had made her baptismal dress and Sarra looked so beautiful in it. Thankyou so much Oma. Can you imagine if I attempted to do something like that!

Once again as in Jonty's blessing Sarra had the privilege of having her great-grandfather help confirm her. Harry had to sit in his walker to do it but Simon had visited him personally to ask him to participate and he was determined to make it through the whole day.

Four generations - Simon, Jonty, Harry and Chayne
It brought a tear to my eye to have him there and see him, although old and feeble now, so strong and powerful in the Priesthood. She also had Pop, Uncle Chris, Dion and Jason assist Simon.

Sarra had asked her CTR teacher of 2 yrs Bev Scott to do the talk on Faith and Repentance and she asked Jessica to do the talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Aneika played a lovely piece on the flute and Collette, Jess and Emily sang. Joshua and Mum gave testimonies and Oma and Lisa did opening and closing prayers. Tammy played the piano and Kay choristered. Pop and Chris were the witnesses and Simon had a big day doing Jonty's blessing, the baptism and the confirmation.

After the Baptism we had lunch in the rec hall and everyone who wanted to come to the Baptism, brought a plate to share.It was lovely to see many of the ward members there supporting Sarra on her special day. Sarra also invited her best friend from school, Naomi who came with her Mum Brenda(she delivered Jonty) and sister Abbie.


The Kings said...

What a special day!!! So nice to have Pop there for it and participating. What lovely memories for the kids.

Watson said...

Sarra truely looks like an angel in white. What a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

oh what a wonderful day you all had ... how special is your baptism Sarra...even more special to have your baby brother blessed on the same day... a day full of wonderful memories for you all.
Kelv and Nettie

The Parsons Family said...

great post Simone! love the water in Delcity comment!! Are you up for tonight and photos??? 6.30 would be great. Call me at Mum's. Ill try and call you too. xox

make it perfect said...

what a great day! sarra looks adorable - ew...yellow water in del-city, poor thing! hope you got better sleep last night, i bet you were exhausted by the end of the day!

Paige said...

What a beautiful family you have! Hope everyone enjoyed the special day.

Jackie said...

hi simone
i'm really sorry that i missed out on sunday i bet it was a special day for you all..we were lucky to have 4 generations at jackson charna and kealins blessing..and its always nice to remember..i'm glad sarra is writing in her journal we gave her..its fun and she will enjoy reading what she wrote in it when she's older..

Penny Bingham said...

I wish we could have been there too! We talk almost every day about coming to Tassie next Christmas already!

Sayers Family said...

how special to have a blessing and baptism. Sarra looks lovely.

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