Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Punchbowl Picnic

Last night seeing as it was FINALLY a nice warm day, we hooked up with the Kings and Horsmans for a BBQ at the Punchbowl. Lisa and I have both put our memberships on hold for the moment and so I am having withdrawal symptoms from seeing my gym buds as usually it is at least every second day that we meet up at the gym. Jacqui has still been going though.... I will be back soon I promise.

While we were there Oliver fell in the duck pond. Oooh it is so slimy and yukky dirty. Luckily Jacqui as always was super prepared and had a spare change of clothes in her car. Thanks Jac. Oliver does not want to take the Ben 10 undies off.

Aren't I a terrible friend. Instead of saying, 'hey Lisa, Kobe is eating dirt, I was madly clicking away, thinking what a great photo this would be"! And isn' it??


Anonymous said...

You crack me Simone, you are as bad as Lisa, but it was a good photo opportunity.
I remember all the rides coming to Bridport as a kid, but we didn't have any money so we would go and watch, but that was fun too.
It sounds like you had a real teaching moment with the bike accident>
I,m glad it wasn't serious accident, and the kids will get something posotive out of it.
Love Lorraine xxx

The Kings said...

Oh nice one!!! Just watch my son eat dirt and who knows what else, just to get a classic photo!!!! :)

Penny Bingham said...

I love the shot of Simon playing cricket with the kids. Not something we see around here! We just met a family around the corner and the Dad is from Sth Africa. The day we met them he was pretty pleased because Sth Africa had just beat Australia. Some how Jonty's name came up and he said that there was a famous South African cricket player named Jonty. Is that where you got the name from?

Sim-Dim said...

I have always liked the South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes. Didn't name him after him but remembered that I really liked the name.

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