Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flynn turns 3.

April was such a busy month and it started with the hard drive going on our Mac. All I could think about, when we got it back 2 weeks later, was the backlog of posts it created. :) We were lucky that there was a recall on Apples in 2009 to fix faulty hard drives and our computer woes fitted the brief. Our computer was registered with Apple and they and us had no details of a recall email being sent so voila it was able to be done at no cost to us. Thank goodness!!

On the 12th of April we celebrated Flynn's 3rd birthday!! He is turning into such a grown up little boy now.

Never short of "present opener helpers" in our house.

Flynn and his "bubbas" and wearing his new outfit by Nan.

Flynn loves Peppa Pig and especially "Peppa George" so Sarra and I made him this cake. I'm not really practiced with fondant or colouring it but we got there in the end.

Before Simon went to work, the kids helped him put Flynn's new kitchen together. Jonty and Flynn love concocting pretend food for us to eat.

For tea, Flynn just wanted "hapes" (shapes) and "hips" (chips) and "whizz" (fizz)

It was nice having Mum fly in from her month staying with Jess in Melbourne to spend 3 weeks with us before she went on her family history mission to America.  


The Jacks said...

Happy birthday Flynn! :) Can't believe that he is 3! I got that same wooden kitchen for daycare. In the reject shop they have some awesome wooden play food, that is velcro together so kids can practice chopping them apart, and matching them back together. I saw some on clearance the other day, the kids here love them :)

The Kings said...

Love that he wanted shapes and chips and fizz :) Looks like a great birthday Flynn.