Friday, May 16, 2014

Off to SLC.

On the night of Hallie's birthday, after her party, we headed up to our local chapel for Mum to be set apart as a senior missionary for our church. She got her mission call late last year and has had to wait 5 months before leaving to volunteer for 18mths -2 yrs at the biggest family history centre in the world, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 

Mum with our Stake President, Pres Walters.

It was special to see Mum be set apart and even before she left, her example to us already… her 4 daughters and sons-in law and 11 grandchildren, was enough for me.

After Mum was set apart and was now officially Sister Gibson, we went back to our house with Marilyn and the Wheelers and had some soup and cake and then everyone left and Mum and I stayed up until 11.15pm. Mum's bags were all packed and they were choco block. I was giggling when Mum had to sit on one while I zipped it up. I couldn't get to sleep as I was too excited for Mum and we had to get up at 4am so I was really just dozing. At 12.15 am, I heard Flynn start throwing up and so I cleaned him and the bed and got back into bed at 1.15am. Now I REALLY couldn't get back to sleep as there was less than 3 hours until get up time.

We got to the airpot in plenty of time at about 5.20am. The plane was due to leave at 6.30 am and it was all running on time and the weather was nice and clear. One of Mum's bags was 9 kgs over the allowable weight but the Qantas lady didn't even bat an eyelid. Phew!

We took all the group photos early so there would be plenty of time for last minute chats and hugs.

Carol had packed Mum some goodies for the flight to LA. So lovely and thoughtful.

Saying goodbye was hard. I wish Jess and Collette were there too. Jess was meeting Mum at the airport in Melbourne to say goodbye and Mum got to spend a month in Adelaide with Collette during Feb/March and right before Mum came from her month with Jess, Collette was able to fly to Melbourne for Nora's blessing. But it would have been nice if we were all in the one spot to say goodbye together.

This is Carol. :) Im sure the tim tams went down well.

I can't believe Flynn will be 5 and in kinder when he sees Mum again. 

Jonty and Flynn didn't understand what was going on. Jonty thinks Nan is coming home in 2 weeks, not 2 years and they were just excited to be going to Maccas for breakfast.

And there she went, off for the adventure of a lifetime.

We all went to Maccas for breakfast, talking excitedly about when Mum would be arriving in SLC and the amazing things she would get to experience living in another country.

Each month, I am going to do a short post with photos of the things Mum has got to see and do on her mission. She is not the first in my family to go. I have 4 young nephews serving in various parts of the world, but she is the first senior member of my family to go. (other than Simon's Nan and Pop before we were married) I love that Mum finally gets to do something for herself. She has spent a great deal of her life doing selfless things for other people.

I think this sums up what Mum wants to achieve on her mission. And too... to thank and acknowledge Him for everything He has done for her in her life.

We love you Mum and we are proud of everything you will do, even before you do it. This is not goodbye, just  Preferably in Hawaii ;)

the video goodbye.


The Kings said...

The video is making me teary! I will miss your gorgeous mum.

Hayden Bell said...

I miss mum!! (This is collette not hayden....and it is I who wants cake on your other post too! )