Monday, May 19, 2014

Growing up.

My baby is growing up!

He brings a lunch box to school drop off.

He loves going to playgroup at school on a Monday afternoon.

He is starting to get the gist of this potty training thing during the day. At home now he does not wear a nappy but we are yet to venture on an outside trip.

He loves to lounge around watching ABC Kids and eating shapes (his favourite food). He would do that all day if you let him. He loves eating weetbix for breakfast and toast with "mite" (vegemite). He doesn't really like fruit and vegetables so I often play the "let's pretend the spoon of food coming to your mouth is a car, boat, train, plane etc" and then he is distracted enough to eat it. Otherwise he will quite happily feed himself, holding his fork and spoon. His preferred drink is water because that is all I allow and then at times he is allowed some milk.

He can peddle by himself now on his bike to and from school to get the others.

He loves reading time and often picks the same books night after night. He also loves to look at our holiday photo books and thinks some of the photos of the other kids when they were younger, are actually him.

He has graduated from the cot to his own bed but often I still find him in bed with Hallie fast

Flynn may still be little in stature. He is 87cm tall and weighs in at 13.35 kgs but he is certainly growing up and I am keenly aware that I only have 18 more months of my little man at home before it is his turn to head off to kindergarten.

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booqiboutique said...

Hallie's bed is full up! How does she sleep?