Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hallie turns 11.

The day before Mum left on her mission, it just happened to be Hallie's 11th birthday. (30th April). I was so glad that Mum could be with us for not 1 (Flynn's) but 2 birthdays before she left.

We had a bike on lay-by for Hallie since Christmas and she was so excited to finally get it.

She wanted a rainbow cake for her birthday so Simon said he would have a go at doing it. Here it is as he was putting it all together. 

Hallie decided she wanted home made sausage rolls, skittles, M&Ms fizz, 3 kinds of chips, hot dogs and party pies for her day. 

She also got to pick one thing that she wanted to do for her day so she chose Airtime 360. It's a new trampoline place near Kmart.  It worked out perfectly that Jonty had a birthday party there that day too, so we paid for Hallie to join in for the hour and have a bounce. They loved it.

                                                             These two are inseparable.

This is the cake all decorated with the smarties and sprinkles that she wanted.

The cake was a huge hit and tasted really yummy.

Hallie is such a gorgeous tomboy and her favourite things to do are ride her motorbike, especially out in the bush, ride her push bike, ride her scooter around… practicing jumps wherever she goes, eating salt and vinegar chips, watching Nitro Circus stunts online (she follows Travis Pastrana on IG) and her favourite shows for the moment are Bondi Rescue, The Voice and 60 Minutes.

Happy birthday Hal!!


The Kings said...

That cake is awesome and so is the bike! Happy birthday Hallie.

Hayden Bell said...

I want some cake!!