Monday, May 12, 2014

Easter time.

Our Easter weekend started on Good Friday with a yummy breakfast and what better way to start off Easter than with the missionaries coming over. We provided the physical nourishment and they the spiritual.

Plus I thought for Mum's last Easter at home for awhile, it would be nice to have a breakfast with the sister missionaries, (Sister Tauti and Sister Rooney) seeing as Mum was soon to be off to the biggest family history centre in the world. People, if you have any questions on how to find out about your ancestors, like way back into the forages of history -then my Mum (aka Sister Gibson) will be your man, er woman.

The table doesn't look like much here but that was before I put out waffles, fruit, bacon, toast, eggs, hash browns, juice, chocolate sauce…. and the list went on! I want to make it a tradition just like we did at Christmas, to have the missionaries over for breakfast as they bring such a wonderful loving feeling into people's homes when they visit. We often have them for tea, but breakfast is something different and more fun.

The kids love it too when the missionaries come over because they have so much fun with them and the missionaries love spending time playing with them. They have a wonderful ability to make each child feel super important and their favourite person in the whole world.

They even spent time doing the latest craze - loom bracelets with the kids.

After breakfast the missionaries did a little spiritual thought with us to do with Easter and Jesus Christ. it was very simple and very effective. They chose Hallie to stand with a clothes basket and one by one we put something heavy in it.

It got heavier and heavier but she was not allowed to put the basket down.

We all laughed when Simon put Flynn in the basket.

The missionaries explained that Jesus Christ took on the sins of the world (weight of the basket) on himself because of his love for us and for his desire to help carry some of our burdens and provide the knowledge that we too can be sorry for our own wrongdoings and help lighten someone's else load.

It was lovely having them come for breakfast and start off our Easter weekend thinking about the true meaning of Easter and not just all the yummy chocolates that were going to come...

The next morning, the kids woke up and discovered that Easter bunny had been to visit. They were so excited to go outside and see what he had left behind for them.

You wouldn't know it from this pic (as he was a little better by then) but Jonty had croup and ended up being bad enough that we went to the Deloraine Hospital and the doctor gave him some medicine as his airways were still quite blocked and his breathing still Darth Vadar raspy.

The next morning on Easter Sunday, Jonty was very tired still from the croup and I was still battling the flu and mourning that I didn't feel like chocolate and Flynn decided to get gastro so the three of us stayed home from church. Flynn ended up being sick until Wednesday so it was good to get him to rest.

That night the Wheelers were coming over for our family Easter dinner and the kids set up all the eggs to give out in a line in the lounge room.

We had a lovely roast lamb and enjoyed chatting around the table for our last big dinner with Mum before she was going to leave for her mission.

The kids then enjoyed handing out the eggs to each other and we also did the Easter story of Jesus using plastic eggs which told part of the story inside each egg, like a nail, purple cloth, coins, etc and the last egg was empty which represented the tomb being empty after Jesus was resurrected. The kids love doing this as we usually hide the plastic eggs and they love going on a little hunt. They get to read out part of the story in each egg and show us what was inside. Its a great way to tell the story as opposed to just reading it from the Bible.

At the end of the night, even Flynn woke up long enough to hold his egg.

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