Monday, April 7, 2014

St Pat's athletics carnvial

Last Thursday, Sarra's school held their athletics carnvial. It was just the middle school made up of grade 7 and 8s but it was still about 450 kids.

It is certainly nothing like our little primary school one.

I got there just in time to see Sarra race in her 100m.

They have the electronic gates to run through which works out who came what. Something we could have done with on the finish line at the Northern Midlands, earlier in the week. ;)

She ran a good race coming 4th.

There are four houses at St Pat's. Nagle (green) which we are in, McKillop (blue), Rice (red) and Tennison (yellow). There are then 8 sub-houses. Sarra is in Nagle Rochester and the other sub-house in Nagle is Nagle Young. But on carnival days they just have the four houses against each other.

Flynn has decided that Sarra's friend "Tayya" is his best friend.

Each of the houses really get into it and support their athletes and you can go all out and wear whatever you want in your team colours.

Lots of kids wear tutus, capes and big hats in their team colours. They paint their faces and spray their hair too. Flynn loved it because people go round with big buckets of lollies, to hand out to their team mates.

The tug of war pulled lots of competitors and people cheering them on. Sarra wasn't going to go in it at first but then couldn't help having a go.

Nagle grade 8s ended up being champions of the tug-of-war so that was pretty cool.

It was great to come and support Sarra and see what athletics carnivals are all about in high school. There weren't many other parents there so its not like at primary school where you see parents running around everywhere trying to get cute little photos but it was still fun all the same and its always good to go sometimes and get a feel of what life is like each day as your child runs the gauntlet, that is high school.

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