Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Swimming lessons

The kids have had great fun doing their swimming lessons so far this year. A friend of mine told me about hiring the Deloraine PS pool for private swims. I don't know why we hadn't thought of it before! During second and third term, every second Sat for one hour we are going to let the kids loose in the pool to keep up the skills they learn in lessons and really just have a bit of fun. The Deloraine PS pool is indoor and really warm. its where we hold our school swim carnivals.

Jonty spends alot of his time with his head under the water so I'm not sure how much he listens but he absolutely loves it. The only time he was reluctant to go in the water was when they had a lesson wearing life jackets. He absolutely refused to go because we weren't "on a boat". I knew once he was in he would be okay so I made him put the jacket on and plonked him in the water while he kicked and screamed. After about 1 minute, he started to relax and enjoy himself and then was smiling and laughing. What was really funny was that every now and again he would remember that he was not supposed to like it and would put a scowl on his face but then he couldn't help having fun again and the scowl would slip away and then he would be cross with himself for letting his guard down. He is such a crack up, really reluctant to try new things but once he gets over that initial unfamiliarity with the situation, there is no stopping him.

Oliver is really building on learning how to swim. He didn't do any lessons in Prep or grade 1 so last year he really concentrated on getting his basic skills up. This year he has really worked on his freestyle breathing and stroke technique for backstroke and freestyle. I have loved watching him come so far last year and this year.

Hallie is a good strong swimmer and so this year has been working on getting her techniques just right. She has spent alot of time on butterfly and dives and getting the legs right in breast stroke. She also did some treading water while wearing clothes  for some survival skills training.

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