Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tour de France

I am supposed to finishing a talk for sacrament tomorrow but instead have been blog browsing. I think I have finished but have not proof read anything yet. I am not into sport but it is very exciting to see Cadel Evans so close to winning the Tour de France. I watched a bit of it on SBS the other night and marvelled at their stamina and "how on earth anyone could love bike riding THAT much".

It reminded of an experience I had last Friday. I was making a slice and had run out of icing sugar. I was just about to get in the car and head the 2kms down the road to the IGA when Carli's blog sprang to mind and her posts on living greener. SO I had the grand idea of riding my bike to the shop with Hallie on the back. Simon says, "should you be doing that at 24 wks pregnant and I say the chances of having an accident are very slim, especially in Westbury"!

So Hallie and I head down to the shop. (She is still small enough to fit in those toddler seats on the back) and I stop outside the shop to get off the bike. One leg is on the ground and as I lift the other leg up over the bike, my leg creaked and groaned and decided at the last minute like a horse about to jump at an equestrian event that no the lift was too high and it was going to buck at the last minute and pull the bike down on top of me. I fell awfully heavily and must have looked so ungainly but I landed on my booty so lots of padding there. The funny thing was Hallie was still all strapped in so all of a sudden she was lying horizontal to the ground with this dazed look on her face, still in the seat.

I was so embarrassed and this lady comes over and tells Hallie that her mother is a bad driver. Never mind the puffing pregnant lady sprawled on the ground. We made it back home in one piece still a bit red-faced and feeling sore and sorry but hey we saved some carbon emissions that day so it was all good.


Paige said...

That is so funny. Nothing seems to work the same when you're pregnant!

The Kings said...

You are a worry!! Poor Hallie. Glad everyone was okay.

Jackie said...

the idea was good but you MUST be very didn't tell us that little episode on friday? you little sneak..
anyway, i'm glad you're ok...

Lisa W said...

You'd better not watch any more bike riding, don't want you to get any more BRILLIANT ideas! If the riding was anything like your running the other night- must've looked hilarious. Poor Hallie, hope she was wearing a helmet.

Country/City Boy said...

I'm really starting to think that exercise is a bad thing now Simone. Walking just about killed me the other day and now your crashing your bike.

Glad your ok, though your pride might have been hurt in front of that lady. Any bruises to show for the effort?

Collette said...

HAHA hahahahhahahahahahhahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha
ooh hehehehehehehe hoo hoo hahahaha
can't speak...laughing to hard!