Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hallie's first playtime

After school today, Hallie had her first experience of having friends over after school. She has watched Sarra do this and has always wanted a turn so now she is at school, she finally got a turn herself.

Will and Hannah are twins in Hallie's class. There are only 10 kids in the class and she has wanted them to come over for ages. Will has cerebral palsy and is such a delight. I often just sit after school with him while the others are playing and have a real long chat. He is so interesting to talk to and has a real mischievous humour that has me cracking up. As well as his wheelchair he has a bike that he is able to ride around on when Oliver is not trying to steal it and ride off on it. It has great suspension and a handle on the back so you can push him too if he gets tired of pedaling.

The other friend Hallie had over was Alice, the one she was in the paper with last year. They have been friends for ages so she couldn't have a playdate without Alice. Alice is also in Hallie's class at school.

Hallie has talked her friends' into moving to the dark side - spider man - territory

Will on his funky bike

Hallie had both Hannah and Alice dressed up in spiderman. No-one would stop long enough for a proper photo

Will and Hallie feeding the chooks

Hallie had different trousers on after school - ones from the school clothing pool and I immediately assumed she had had an "accident". Her teacher Miss Jacobs explained that Hallie was first out at recess and went straight down the slide which was wet from the rain. Her trousers were absolutely soaked so they changed her. Yes, I thought that sounds more like Hallie.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simone I think I might know Hallie's teacher. She went to uni with me, and also college. Is her first name Rebecca by any chance? Hope you had fun during the play date.
Love Nicki

Simone Triffitt said...

Yep that's her. She is short with blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes. We all love her! She is a fantastic teacher.

Collette said...

hmm that must mean that i went to uni with her...pity i have a TERRIBLE memory...I can't believe how much hallie looks like sarra when she has her hair up like that!

The Parsons Family said...

I cant believe she is still going strong with the Spiderman thing!!! She's awesome!