Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Aiden

Yesterday I popped into the hospital to visit Kate and Mick's new baby, Aiden. Kate had a c-section on Friday after they discovered he was breech. Luckily she had not gone into labour or it may have been a whole new experience for her. Kate looked tired but happy and she let me have a look at the staples they used to close her tummy. They looked and felt just like normal stationery staples. It must have been very sore.

I got a lovely hold of Aiden and I had forgotten all the faces they pull in their sleep. He kept popping off on me so it was a real pleasure to hand him back when he had done a nice smelly poo. :)

A very proud Nanny Reid and great-Poppy Bill

I hate coming onto the maternity ward when I'm pregnant because then I know I am trapped into another experience on the "floor of pain". No, that sounds dramatic but you can't help wondering what the next experience will be like, seeing as no two births are ever the same. I'm glad in a way that Oliver's was so long and yuk, even if they did have to pull him out in the end with the suction cap, because now I have no pre-conceived notions of it being a textbook labour like Sarra or a quick one like Hallie.

It was lovely to see Jasmin and how proud she was of her first grandchild. My kids call her Aunty Jazzy and have been like her surrogate grandkids. She used to keep baby food in the cupboard for when Oliver came over. Oliver was actually born on the date of her Mum's death(but 2yrs later) so he has a special place in her heart and on his birthday each year, we meet Jasmin at the cemetery and Oliver puts however old he is, that many flowers on her grave.

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