Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas in July

On Friday night we went over to the Webster's house to celebrate Christmas in July. I have never been to anything like this so I was very excited to see what it was all about. By the end of the night I really was wishing it was Christmas and that we didn't have to wait another 5 mths for it to come around.

The other guests were Lionel and Suzanne Walters with their kids, Hannah, Becky and Mary, Ben Ziesel and of course Mel and Dean and Sherri and Jasen. It must be so lovely for Jackie to not only enjoy beautiful Tassie but have two of her daughters living here as well.

Upon arrival we watched a DVD that Jackie had done of when her and Mark went to the Great Lake a few weeks back. While we were doing that, we were spolied with drinks and nibblies.

For tea we had turkey with stuffing and vegetables. It was divine. It was so nice to enjoy a lovely hot meal with the fire going for Christmas, rather than what we are normally used to - having to suffer through heaps of roasts while the sun blazes outside.

Mark cutting the turkey

Before dessert we played a few games organised by Sherri. The funniest one was trying to wrap a ball and the winner was the neatest wrapped one. It was funny to see how competitive us adults got, to the point the kids were not given a chance to participate because we were all hell bent on winning.

Mark judging Mel's wrapped ball as the neatest

For dessert we had apple pie, pavlova and chocolate cake surrounded by profiteroles. It was all very yummy.

It was an absolutely lovely evening and we finished off by swapping presents that had to be under $10. Jackie and Mark gave us a frame of three beautiful photos of the snow at the Great Lake. Jackie takes amazing photos (she will say it's just the camera) and these were no exception.

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Jackie said...

oh simone
you're so nice and thanks for the thought..i get a little shy about my photography..especially lisa and toni, they take excellent photos..
i'm glad you enjoyed friday night..we should do it again next yr.