Monday, July 7, 2008

"Sicky poos......."

Last week Oliver had the runs................. what a great way to start off a post!! He calls them "sicky poos" which means he obviously studies them to know that something is not quite right if they are all runny. The "sicky poos" went on for a few days and one night when I was warm and toasty in bed (I run the electric blanket all night), I heard this little voice call out in the darkness, "I'm finished". It was Oliver on the toilet after one of his "sicky poos".

Quickly I wiped his butt and wrapped him back up into bed with a quick kiss and ran back to the warmth of my bed. An hour late, "I'm finished" and so on for a total of 6 times. He did not seem to have any tummy pains and quite happily went back to sleep after each "Niagara Falls" episode.

This experience got me thinking and then panicking and then the wailing of "what have I done". In 4 mths I will be doing this with a newborn who might not happily go back to sleep and who is going to have many more poos and where there won't be just one night of interrupted sleep but seemingly neverending ones that all combine into one long nightmare. But for some reason we keep going back for more don't we!! :)

Editor's Note - I think you can understand from the topic of this post why there is no photo!!


The Kings said...

What!!? No pics!?!?! LOL
We are still asking what we have done in having another baby, but now that we are almost at 5 weeks it is starting to get easier and more fun. Just keep reminding yourself that it isn't for long and you will get through it like the other three times - that is what I keep doing :)

Carli said...

Gross! Oliver just takes it all in his stride. You will be fine Simone, keep smiling.

The Parsons Family said...

yeah... what have you done! Im still saying it too almost daily! he he!!!!

Jury Family said...

I laughed as soon as i read the post title. Ethan also calls them sicky poos even at the age of 7!!!! hope its all cleared up!